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Malaysia, Singapur, Hong Kong

In the west of the Malay Peninsula you can go on holiday practically all year round due to the consistently hot and humid climate. It is always warm, but it always falls rain.

From June to August is the best time to travel in the monsoon influenced east of the Malay Peninsula.

Many resorts in the east of the Malay Peninsula are closed during the winter months and most boats do not go to the islands because of the rough seas.

The visit to Singapore is possible in principle throughout the year. The weather is always tropical and warm and rainy every season.

Most vacationers prefer a visit between March and September.

Relatively pleasant for visitors is the climate in Hong Kong in spring, autumn and winter (end of September to Ap

Cambodia, Vietnam

Best travel time: November to March

The best time to visit Cambodia is from November to March. Then there is dry season with little rain and the slightly lower temperatures of about 30 ° C are for travelers to endure.

By contrast, in April / May the thermometer can rise to an unbearable 40 ° C during the day.

The rainy season from June to October not only brings heavy rainfall, but also makes it difficult to progress in the country significantly, as many roads are impassable.

However, the wet period may be good for a visit to Angkor Wat as the rainforest is then in full glory and many of the artificial lakes and pools are completely filled.

United Arab Emirates, Oman


Best travel time: End of October to end of April

The best months to travel to the United Arab Emirates are November to April. Then the heat is reasonably bearable.

However, it is advisable to book early, as there is high season in these months.

The best time to travel to Oman is in winter from November to mid-March. The daytime temperatures are then at a pleasant 25 ° C, there are very few rainy days and you have a good view.

However, this period is also the main tourist season for Oman.

The summers in Oman, on the other hand, are very unpleasant, as it can become very hot, humid and misty.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Best travel time: End of October to end of April

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the touristically "young" areas of the world, as it opened recently.

The charm of the kingdom is certainly its cultural attractions - or even an excursion by jeep, which leads you through the desert to Al Hiwayah Canyon.

In Saudi Arabia, there is an extraordinary blend of tradition and modernity that ranges from traditional Bedouin villages to prestigious buildings in the ultra-modern capital of Riyadh, which further highlights the exclusivity of this destination.

In addition to the old town and the palaces and mosques of the Al-Saud family in Riyadh, Ottoman merchants' houses and souqs in the old town of Jeddah give a good impression of life in the kingdom and of the open-minded population

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